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Uber will help travelers because too many times taxi legal or illegal takes advantage of travelers especially foreigners.  The link below covers the new investment with Uber in China.  Uber should be at all airports.  I recently read several blogs from China and foreigners being overcharged for taxi from the airport.  I hate the vendors from taxis, restaurants, shopping, and tour sights taking advantage of foreigners. 

Uber was kicked out of Vegas and it is all from the taxi companies pushing the politicians.  And there are so many stories in Vegas, overcharged, extra-long routes, and stealing bags.

I believe Uber AKA competition will make the transport industry improve for the customer experience.  For example, you plan your trip to China and finally arrive half way around the world and your first experience is clearly being overcharged for a ride from the airport, this is NOT a great start to your experience.

This has happened to us with taxis, massage parlors, and restaurants.  They tried to overcharge and NOT take us from the airport in Beijing but the porter told the driver he must and he finally did.  A massage parlor tried to overcharge us because I was a foreigner and my wife said take our money (standard rate for a foot massage) or call the police, they finally accepted.  At my wife’s village restaurant they tried to overcharge us because I was foreigner so my wife again kindly asked me to leave and she handled the situation and paid a fair price.

It is NOT just China or Vegas, it happens at all tourist destinations around the world.

It is definitely one of my pet-peps because I want all travelers to have a positive experience.  If we have a positive experience we will come back again.  Remember the best customer is a repeat customer, you can always sell something to anyone but will they come back!

PHOTO is my Uber, actually true before Uber, all transporters will give you their phone number and you can call them to pick you up which we do all the time in China.

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